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For new and old members alike, please check out The U2 Slash Guide, a reference for the band, the fandom and the community.

Members may post their fics here (taking into account the wonder and beauty that is the LJ cut tag, of course), review fics, discuss Our Heroes, be informed of archive updates, and pretty much anything else they can think of so long as it pertains to U2 and/or funboylove.

Posting Policy

One: When posting a fic in the community, please include a header. This means give us at least a title, an author, a rating, a pairing (where possible) and a disclaimer.

Two: When posting non-fic, headers and such, of course, are not necessary. (We'd hope you'd be able to figure that out, but you never know these days.) We are not uptight about what gets posted in this community so long as it pertains to the slash aspect of the band. Pics, interview clips, haikus, poems, minor spazzing fits, whatever. Have fun. Just make sure it's slashy and use an LJ-cut when things get a bit too wordy or too picture-y and all will be well.


This is an archive of fan fiction about real people. Not a bit of it is true. None of the authors archived here own the band or claim to in any way. They do not claim that any of it is true. They do not mean them any harm by writing these works of fiction. They make no money from these stories. Also, this is an archive of slash fan fiction. This means same-sex relationships (here, they will be male), sometimes with graphic sexual content. If that sort of thing isn't your cup of tea or you think you can't handle it, please don't read here.

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